How do you look after a cat?

“God made the cat in order that humankind might have the pleasure of caressing the tiger.” – Fernand Mery.

Humans have cared, and kept cats for hundreds of centuries and ownership of cats has been traced back to the times of Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. Cats were revered for their ability to keep pests such as rats and snakes away from valuable grain stores. Cats have become a very popular companion for many people due to their independent, but friendly nature which suits many people leading busy lifestyles.

Environmental Advice For Caring For Cats

For as long as you own a cat in your household, your cat should be able to easily access a litter tray as and when it is needed. Your cat’s litter tray should be cleaned on a regular basis, and you should regularly provide fresh litter for your cat as and when needed. Failing to do so could run risk of your cat developing illnesses and upsetting your cat a great deal as no cat appreciates doing their business in a dirty litter tray.

Cats are curious by nature, and you should ensure that they are unable to access or play with things that could cause them great harm. Ensure sharp objects and electrical objects such as scissors are well out of their reach. We also recommend providing your cat with a scratching post which your cat will frequently use. The benefits of providing your cat with a scratching post mean it will be less likely to scratch at your furniture but also help keep your pet in a healthier condition. More benefits of a cat scratching post

Health Concerns and Information

When you purchase a new cat for your home, you should make sure that your cat is microchipped as this will provide proper identification of your pet should it get lost which could occur due to the exploratory nature of cats.

A key factor in ensuring your cat is healthy and has a long life, it is vital that you properly vaccinate your pet against a variety of diseases that could shorten the lifespan of your cat. A good vet will also you on the proper case to take for worming for your cat, and your vet will also inform you on which vaccinations your cat will require and subsequent boosters. More information on vaccinations

Fleas can be a common affliction for many cats and as with many cases, prevention is important in this instance. If your cat regularly goes outside, it is important to protect your cat fleas which can be particularly harmful for your cat, and fleas can root themselves into your home. It is wise to follow the advice of your veterinarian with regards with specific flea treatment for your cat.

Cat Food and Diet Advice

Many cat owners often require cat food advice as it can be confusing knowing exactly what to feed your pet. You should place your cat feeding bowl and water tray in a clean area, and we recommend that this is not placed anywhere near the cat’s litter tray. There is a lot of debate raging about the benefits of wet vs. dried food; many vets and cat owners recommend supplying your cat with high-quality dried food as it is rich with vital nutrients needed to sustain the health of your cat. We also recommend ensuring your cat has plenty of fresh and clean water throughout the day.

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