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Per Condition Policies – Standard and Standard Plus

Per Condition policies are also known as Benefit Limited or Maximum Benefit policies.

These policies impose a maximum benefit per condition. If your pet develops an ongoing illness such as diabetes or dermatitis, once that maximum is reached, that condition will then be excluded from further claims.

No time limit is applied and the time taken to reach the maximum benefit for each condition will vary depending on the nature and severity of the condition itself but once the maximum amount has been paid out you will be required to fund any ongoing treatment yourself.

Each condition will have its own limit, so it is feasible that you could be claiming for more than one condition at the same time.

In addition to vet fees, the policies also include other benefits, for example Third Party Liability (for dogs), accidental death, theft and straying, and costs towards finding a missing pet. Pet Life Cover’s Standard and Standard Plus covers are both per condition policies. The only difference between these two covers is the maximum benefit level for vet fees for each.

Please see benefits for further details.