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Pet Life Cover Affiliate Benefits

Did you know that you can make money introducing pet owners to pet insurance from Pet Life Cover? Not only can you save them money but you’ll be  introducing them to an insurer that paid out 98% of all lifetime pet claims in 2013! Why not join the many Pet Life Cover affiliates doing exactly that!

  • 90 Day cookie policy
  • No cost (it’s completely free to join the program)
  • Monthly payments by cheque or directly into your bank with no cap on earnings
  • Banners & creatives available to download with unique tracking ID
  • Your Own Affiliate Partner Dashboard where you can monitor clicks and earnings in real time

How Our Affiliate Program Works

When you sign up to become and affiliate partner, you’ll be allocated your own affiliate ID. Simply use the affiliate banners and links we provide you – tagged with your affiliate ID – to refer pet owners in need of pet insurance to the Pet LifeCover pages. Every time a policy sale is completed, you earn commission. It’s as simple as that! Example: If your affiliate ID is 199999, you’ll add ?199999 to the end of any link you make to us, like so: Whenever your link is clicked and a policy taken out, we’ll pay you commission on the policy sale. Why Not Use TruLink to Earn Even More Commission! Register your website domain with our Affiliate program using our TruLink system and you will earn the highest possible rates of commission. With Trulink, there’s no need to add your affiliate ID to the URL on your links as we can track everything from your registered domain. It’s simple to register using Trulink and this way you will earn the maximum commission possible. Trulink tracks all visitors from your domain and if the customer takes out pet insurance (either on that visit, or on a subsequent one up to 45 days later), you’ll receive the maximum commission possible once their policy goes live. Example:

What Tools Do I Get As An Affiliate?

Ads and Creatives Easy to use text and banner ads, accessible form your affiliate account. Monthly Commission Payouts Your commission paid directly into your bank or by cheque each month.
Visitor and Sales Stats See how many people are visiting your affiliate link and how much money you’re making per visitor. Affiliate Newsletter Tips on how to succeed as an affiliate, plus resources to refer your visitors to, like our blog, animal rehoming section & resources.

Become a Pet Life Cover Affiliate Today

Pet Life Cover pet insurance can be a powerful income stream for you. Set up your free affiliate partner account today, start referring pet owners and earning commission!

Already an Affiliate Partner?

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