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We provide three main types of pet insurance policy. You simply need to decide which cover level is right for you and best suits your needs.

Pet Life Cover offers affordable Pet Insurance with all of these great benefits:-

  • Automatic 10% online discount
  • Automatic Multi-Pet discount when you insure 2 or more pets
  • Cover for Vet Fees for accident, illness and injury
  • Cover for emergency boarding fees if you are hospitalised and cannot look after your pet
  • Cover for vet fees abroad with the Pet Travel Scheme
  • Cover for advertising costs if you lose your pet  due to theft or straying
  • 24/7 access to veterinary nurses
  • Up to £1million Third Party liability and legal cost cover for dog owners – this can be invaluable if your dog bites the postman or causes a car accident.
  • A cash sum if you need to cancel a holiday as a result of your pet being seriously ill
  • A cash sum should your pet die as a result of an accident

Our Dog, Cat and Rabbit policies are all competitively priced and give you great value for money.

Our Lifetime policies also cover long-term illness that could last for the rest of your pet’s life.


Lifetime Policies -Premier, Classic & Vital

This is the most comprehensive form of pet insurance. Premier, Classic and Vital are all Lifetime policies and offer vet fee cover up to a maximum amount per year. You can choose from one of three cover levels and the amount of cover is reinstated each year.

If your pet develops a long-term illness such as diabetes or suffers an ongoing skin condition this will be covered by the policy for the rest of your pet’s life so long as the illness or condition didn’t pre-date the start of your policy.


Per Condition Policies – Standard Plus & Standard

Pet Life Cover’s Standard and Standard Plus are per condition policies. These policies impose a maximum benefit per condition so that once the maximum cover allowed is reached that condition will be excluded from further claims and you will need to fund any further ongoing treatment yourself.


Time Limited Policies (Essential)

Pet Life Cover’s Essential Cover is time-limited policy. It offers per condition cover but also has a time limit on claims. This means that a particular condition will be excluded from cover once the maximum cover amount has been paid out or 12 months from the first date of treatment whichever is the sooner.


Peace of Mind

The type of Pet Insurance you select will affect the price you pay. Lifetime policies such as Premier, Classic and Vital are the most comprehensive whereas Per Condition and Time Limited policies provide less cover but are better than to have no cover at all.

One thing is for sure – all Pet Life Cover policies will give you peace of mind and undoubtedly remove the worry of having no pet insurance at all.

Compare the potential claims paid for Buster below

Buster, a 6 year old Boxer Dog, with on-going vet’s bills for arthritis:

Total payable: Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Lifetime CoverEg Pet Life Cover Premier £6k maximum benefit £789 £2,150 £2,700 £459 £623
Total paid £6,721 – still claiming
Per condition coverEg Pet Life Cover Product Standard Plus – £3k max product £789 £2,150 £61
Total paid £3,000 – max reached and condition excluded from policy thereafter
Time Limited coverEg Pet Life Cover Product Essential £789
Total paid £789 – 12 month limit reached and condition excluded from policy thereafter
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