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Veterinary Fees

  • Veterinary Fees excess
  • Any condition that has been investigated by a vet or is known to you prior to the policy start date
  • Veterinary fees to treat an illness or poisoning occurring or showing symptoms within the first 14 days of the policy start date
  • Preventative treatment such as routine vaccinations, cosmetics or voluntary treatment such as neutering for non-medical reasons, or for pregnancy and uterine cancer
  • Treating any injury or illness that is preventable by vaccination and you failed to vaccinate
  • Treatment related to a 2nd or subsequent instance of fly strike
  • Other than for accidental injury, dental treatment is excluded except where specifically to relieve suffering provided the pet has been insured under this policy for at least two years
  • The cost of any transplants, artificial limbs and associated treatment
  • Any treatment for accidental injury within 3 days of cover


Your Hospitalisation

  • Hospitalisation for alcoholism, drug abuse or self-inflicted injuries
  • If your accident or illness occurred or showed symptoms before the policy start date
  • Any claim if your illness first occurs or shows symptoms within the first 14 days of cover


Finding Your Pet

  • Any claim for searching for or finding your pet within the first 14 days of cover
  • Any claim if your dog is not microchipped in accordance with the applicable microchipping legal requirements in force at the time of any claim


Waiver of premium

  • If your inability to work occurs during the first 30 days of cover
  • If you are under 18 or over your planned retirement age
  • If you are not in full-time employment
  • If you were aware of impending unemployment when you took out the policy

Please refer to the full policy using the links below:-

Lifetime Rabbit Policy (PDF)