All sorts of pets: the right pet for you

So you have decided you would like a pet but are you unsure what pet is right for you and your lifestyle? With an endless amount of choices and options, we understand that it can be hard deciding on the best pet in the UK for you and your home. We have devised a list focusing on the three main classes of pets in the UK which are cats, dogs and rabbits?

Pet Commitments & Best Pet UK Advice

Buying a pet is an investment that will cost time and money, but the benefits are huge and can be extremely rewarding. It is also important to consider whether the pet you are thinking of buying is suitable for your lifestyle. The veterinary charity PDSA has advised customers to follow their acronym PETS when considering buying a pet.

Place: It is extremely important to consider the home you live in before purchasing a pet. If you live in a small apartment, this could be extremely unsuitable for a larger pet such as a Great Dane. The size of your garden is crucial for exercise for many pets as this will be a form of exercise/toilet area for some animals. Additionally, a rabbit will need space for it hutch. Local facilities such as parks and woodlands and whether you live near a busy road are also important factors to consider.

Exercise: Do you have the time to invest in ensuring your pet meets its exercise needs? How much exercise your pet needs will depend on the pet and its specific breed. By nature, smaller pets like rabbits and cats will not need require a lot of time and effort to exercise in comparison to types of dogs.

Time: Time is of the essence with pets, and it is with time that you will be able to socialise and train your pet into becoming an ideal companion. Then there is the time required to play with your pet and in cases, take it to the vets as and when required.

Spend: Can you afford the costs of a pet? On the surface, a pet may not look expensive but they can quickly accrue costs which many owners do not factor in and cannot meet such high costs. Costs include items such as food, play toys, bedding, vaccinations and many more depending on the breed.


Cats are perfect for people with busy lifestyles who do not have a lot of time to invest fully into a pet but still want a companion. By nature, cats are extremely independent and do not require human intervention in terms of exercise, and can be easily let outside with a microchipped cat flap. Cats are easily entertained by providing them with scratching posts and a range of toys. If you have a small living space, a cat will be perfect since they do not take up a lot of room and will be a great companion.


Dogs are great for people who have more time on their hands as dogs will require more social interaction, feeding and will require regular exercise. If, by nature, you are active and energetic, a dog is perfect since it requires a lot of exercise and interaction. The amount of exercise a dog needs will depend on the breed and its age. If you work long and hard hours or own a small apartment with no living space, a dog will not be an ideal pet for you and your home.


A rabbit requires considerable time and investment, and it is often recommended that you ensure the rabbit has a rabbit companion to ensure it does not get lonely. Once properly socialised, rabbits can be a really sociable animal and can live in the home like dogs or cats do. Before buying a rabbit, you should ensure that your home is suitable for a rabbit and that you have the time and money required to invest properly in a rabbit.